If you are experiencing complications or you are not satisfied with your breast implants, schedule a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon in Phoenix

Doctor Kotoske is one of the most experienced surgeons in the country, and you can call for a free consultation! During a consultation, we can talk about our goals, and determine the most appropriate technique for a new procedure. You should come prepared with any questions regarding your process so we can take an individual approach to every patient. Revision surgery will remove or replace implants, address excess scar tissue, or adjust the appearance of the breasts.

Whatever the reason is, patients should take their time before deciding on the second procedure. This optimal time will ensure that the revision surgery will keep risks to a minimum while providing optimum results.

Too much information

Sometimes consultation with the wrong person can manifest in fear or hesitation, but the best way always is to consult with the professionals. Among the other things, professional will still be open about the procedures and recovery process. Many numbers of women find breast augmentation a dream come true and will be pleased with their final results. A small percentage of women who experienced the procedure will be dissatisfied with their results, and sometimes they have complications over time.

Some problems can occur, (which can ultimately lead to a revision surgery) Include:

•    Dissatisfaction with the feel

•    Dissatisfaction with the size

•    Dissatisfaction of appearance

•    Poor aesthetic results

•    Rupture of the implants

•    Rippling of the skin

•    Scar tissue forming around the implants

Revision Procedure

It depends on the patient and the reason for the surgery. Some cases the procedure may be simple, like removing implants or replacing them with ones of a different size. Sometimes it is required to remove scar tissue around the implants or to adjust the implant pocket before replacing the implants.

A breast lift (mastopexy) or fat grafting can be applied, depending on the patient. Most often, the procedure lasts around three hours under general anesthesia. A revision procedure will usually take longer than the initial surgery to complete, but not always.

As an example, the incision depends on the specific procedure being done, as well as where the original breast augmentation scar was placed. Typically the implants will be removed, either temporarily or permanently, during the procedure.

If capsular contracture is present, the scar tissue will be removed with extra caution. Our surgeons can reposition or replace the implants depending on what is needed. Once the desired correction is complete, the incisions will be closed with sutures.

Revision Recovery

The patient can return home shortly after the surgery. The patient will need to arrange for a ride because driving is not allowed after their revision procedure.

For several weeks patient may be entitled to a special bra to protect and support the breast tissue during the healing process. If there are pain and discomfort, this can be controlled with prescribed medication for the first few days. Most women return to work after two weeks with limited activities.