At what age can I start with Botox?

This question is a classic of aesthetic discussion forums. “If I start injections of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid too early, will I become addicted?” “And too late: will the results be disappointing?” 


At what age do you start anti-wrinkle injections?

One thing is certain, the practice of anti-aging injections is common, and often, it is around 40 years of age that women go to the dermatologist or the aesthetic doctor.


Distinguish between the injection that repairs and the one that transforms

All our experts distinguish the injection that repairs and the one that transforms. Take a woman who has no lips, and who wants to have injections to restore a little femininity to her mouth: it is in the objective repair of a defect. On the other hand, one must not accept radical transformations, like a woman who would ask for Slavic cheekbones, even though this does not correspond to her physiognomy. 

Same nuance with the dermatologist. They will differentiate the one that comes for the correction of an objective defect, that which wants perfect eyebrows while it was not endowed with it at the beginning. A role in aging education is important.


An injection for you or for others?

There is no question of dissuading women from using Botox injections. We believe in the power of aesthetic repair. The demand may be immature at the age of 20, but not at the age of 40. The work of the psychiatrist, when consulted, is to convey this message: you will do what you want, but be aware of the reason for your request. The act will be well lived if the woman does it for her, and not to keep her husband. 


Changing your face is never trivial

However, injections should not be trivialized. A woman who wants to resort to aesthetics must talk about it for a long time, think about it… and do it if she considers that the demand is legitimate. But this answer must arrive at the end of a necessarily long path. Why? Because today, in aesthetics, people are made to believe that touching one’s body is harmless. Now, this body, it has a history and it is not there by chance. 


For botulinum toxin, intervention can be early

In the field of correction, we may have to make early interventions. For botulinum toxin, we see some cases as early as 30 years old: when forehead wrinkles are marked, and when the lion’s wrinkle appears early and it looks stern. For the case of the forehead, the goal is not to smooth it completely, but to reduce the wrinkles too marked.  For filling injections, the most common requests are for bitterness expressions or nasolabial folds. Most requests for injections are reasonable. And often, it does not take much for the patient to regain confidence in himself or herself. 


Does the doctor know how to refuse an excessive request?

It would be naïve to think that no financial logic is interfering with the patient-doctor demand. The doctor has the duty not to push for consumption. He must not give in to “always more”. “If the patient asks for Botox for expression lines that are invisible to rest, the doctor must answer that it is too early.