Are you planning to make the big jump in cosmetic surgery soon? Whether reconstructive surgery, restorative surgery or a purely aesthetic operation, nowadays this practice has become very common and has never been so accessible.

More than ever, women and even men are more and more confident about cosmetic and plastic surgery. Here is all there is to know and take into account before embarking.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery:

As soon as we hear about cosmetic surgery, we immediately refer to mammary implants and the immeasurable breasts of Hollywood stars. This is not the case all, the plastic surgeon also aims to correct the possible physical deformities of patients with abnormalities and scars.

Plastic surgery with the purpose of repairing:

Restorative plastic surgery is one of the specializations of the surgeon. In this context, the practitioner must correct or reconstruct one or more damaged parts of the body to restore a natural shape. This specialty has a medical purpose unlike cosmetic surgery.

Over the years, this practice has distinguished itself as the ideal solution for people suffering from physical disgrace. Restorative plastic surgery was well developed and developed over time, which allowed many patients to find or regain a normal state of the body.

Implants and Breast Prostheses:

Breast Implants or Breast Implants is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed by surgeons worldwide. This operation is for women who find their breasts too small. In some cases, during adolescence, the mammary gland of the young woman does not develop, the breasts are then small and suspended. It can also affect the woman whose mammary gland is sufficiently developed at puberty but has suffered a loss of breast volume following weight loss or repetitive pregnancies. Apart from medical reasons, this cosmetic surgery intervention remains a safe alternative for a firm and full-blown breast that women dream about. Breast implants can now respond to queries from unsatisfied women in their chests.

The aesthetic surgery of the face:

Nowadays there are several cosmetic surgery interventions just for the face. Facial surgery has evolved a lot in recent years. We have more but one facelift. That is to say, there are several cosmetic surgery procedures that can remodel the different parts of the face independently to preserve the personality and not the standardization method.

The aesthetic surgery of the body:

Also known as cosmetic surgery of the silhouette, the goal is to correct the physical disgraces and to the whole contours of the body, belly, buttocks, hips, arms legs and cheeks. Whether it is a sudden change in weight, following a pregnancy or to fight against sagging skin, there are different techniques to reshape the silhouette.

Aesthetic medicine:

For lighter interventions, more and more women are using aesthetic medicine. Undergoing an aesthetic intervention is no longer necessarily related to heavy surgery. Thanks to aesthetic medicine and new substances, most often injectable. The latest techniques now used, help to change your silhouette or forget your wrinkles in just a few sessions or even minutes.