Choosing to get breast implants is a big decision. For this reason, many patients are looking for just the right option for them and their needs. Breast implants come in saline or silicone options. This means, the implant placed in your body is filled with either silicone or saline. However, it’s important to point out that both options have an outer silicone lining, it’s what fills this lining that differs between the two options.

Silicone Breast Implants

The silicone breast implant option is filled with a silicone substance which feels and resembles that of human fat. Breasts are largely made up of fat which is why this look and feel would want to be mimicked. The silicone substance is thick and sticky and should not cause any health issues if an implant were to rupture and leak into the body.

A silent rupture is when a silicone implant pops but, it’s unknown to the patient because the substance doesn’t leave the shell or sticks close by. This is because the substance is so thick and sticky that sometimes it sticks with the fibrous tissue that eventually forms around an implant once in the body. If a rupture occurs and is followed with breast pain, breast thickening, or the shape of the breast changes, then your doctor will want to do corrective surgery. Your doctor will discuss options with you concerning your specific case.

Saline Breast Plants

Saline breast plants have a silicone outer shell that is surgically placed into the body. They are not full when placed, but are filled once they are in position. If the implant pops, the saline will definitely escape and will just be absorbed by the body naturally. However, the shell will almost always require surgery to be removed. Depending on your situation, your doctor may replace the old shell with a new one or offer other solutions. The saline, when leaked into the body, does not cause any health issues.

How Do I Choose Between the Two?

Honestly, the two choices are quite similar. However, many people go for the silicone breast implant option simply because it’s been said to look and feel more realistic. However, the silicone poses slightly more health risks than the saline and often times is a bit more expensive. Although, the pricing difference isn’t usually too noticeable. In other words, it comes down to your body type and conditions and what your doctor suggests. Usually, the choice is almost always left up to the patient as both implants are so similar. The doctor will usually show you examples and even allow you to touch and feel the various options so you have plenty to go on when choosing.

Never be afraid to ask your doctor questions about the two options. Many of them can give you suggestions one way or the other, based on your body type and other factors. In the end, as mentioned, the two options are so similar outside of the look and feel, that patients often end up going with what feels the best to them.