When considering breast augmentation surgery, you should take your time and not think only on the size, but rather on the overall picture of your body. This is an important part of the preparation. It is much easier for you to talk with a specialist so he can give you all the necessary info about pre and post-operational process and most importantly, what do you want to achieve and how.

There are several different options, including low profile, moderate profile, moderate plus, and high profile breast implants.

What are breast implant profiles?

Breast Implant profiles affect how far the implant will project forward from the chest. When comparing the implants, lower profile implants tend to resolve in a more natural look. Also, if we compare the same size of two implants (or volume), the implant with a broader base provides a lower projection  (that is it has a lower profile) compared to an implant with a narrower base.

Low Profile Breast Implants

They are the widest. These implants are an excellent option for women who have a wider frame and want a more natural change. Low profile implants tend to take up more space on the chest, so they usually give prominent cleavage, more so that with higher profile implants.

For women that want more cleavage, this is a great option, so you can call us (623) 516-2639  and learn more about it.

It is important to know that these implant does not project outward as other implants. However, they are highly effective and increasing the volume of the breasts can give the right patients beautiful results.

Moderate Profile Breast Implants

These implants are a compromise between projection and width spanning the chest. They are thicker than the low profile breast implant, but thinner and wider than high profile ones, and can be a great option for patients with a medium-sized frame. They are great to balance between the volume and cleavage.

Moderate Plus Profile Breast Implants

Moderate plus implants are a halfway between moderate profile implants and high profile implants. The primary focus is to create volume and roundness of the breast, but cleavage is still achieved.

Because the base of moderate implants is more extensive than high profile implants, the look is a bit more natural on the right candidate. Most patients choose this profile if they are looking for size and perkiness but also an improvement in cleavage.

High Profile Breast Implant

Women who are petite (smaller body frames) or have narrower rib cages can still achieve a natural appearing silhouette. These implants take less space or width on the chest. They have the closest base but are rounder and thicker than lower profile implants. They produce more dramatic curvature than any other implant. This type of implants tends to satisfy the need for fullness, yet it can produce nice cleavage depending on preexisting breast tissue and general body type.
Again, there is no “Ideal”  breast implant; it’s just based on patience profile. We tend to achieve the best possible balance between the natural look and patience desired result.